Producing nearly 88 million board feet of lumber, $10.8 million in wages, and generating over $51 million in product sales

When lumber markets began to change in the mid 1990’s YFP partnered with outside industry, completed a feasibility study identifying 5 to10 inch diameter logs and a small-diameter sawmill for processing to be the most valuable future for YFP. In 1998 the small-diameter mill was dedicated, could process 30-40 million board feet a year, and employed 110 workers, 90% of which were Tribal members.

In 2002 YFP completed construction of the large-diameter sawmill to complement the operations. The large-diameter log mill currently employs 150 workers, 90% of which are tribal members. In 2005, using both mills, YFP processed 150 million board feet, provided direct jobs to 240 employees, had a payroll of $11.7 million and made a net profit of over $5 million.

Today, YFP provides 240 jobs, and for Fiscal Year 2018 is projected to process nearly 72 million board feet of logs, producing nearly 88 million board feet of lumber, contributing nearly $10.8 million in wages, and generate over $51 million in product sales.