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Economic Contributions of Yakama Forest Products Operations in 2018

$51 Million in Product Sales

More than 240 Direct Jobs

$10.8 Million in Wages

$50 Million in Gross Revenue

Timber Volume Harvested

Each million board feet of timber harvested by Yakama Forest Products provides 22 jobs that include 12 direct jobs and 10 supporting jobs contributing $523,000 in wages. Yakama Forest Products projects the harvest of 72 million board feet in 2018, contributing $37.7 million

Standing Timber Volume Across the Reservation

Active management through Yakama Forest Products’ efforts avoids the negative cost of fire suppression. Active care of the forest can provide 10 times as much value to the community and the region than passive management. Active management will help protect forest health, water quality, wildlife habitat, and air quality against the effects of climate change by reducing the occurrence of significant impacts such as the wildfires of 2013 and 2015.

Forest and Fire Management

Forest and Fire Management

Management on the Yakama Nation includes 112 direct jobs with $9.5 million in labor income

Harvest Operations​

Harvest Operations​

Logging and hauling operations represent $11.7 million in service value which includes 48 direct logging and on-ground jobs

Yakama Forest Products

Yakama Forest Products

Sawmill operation includes 240 direct jobs with $10.8 million in labor income


Yakama Forest Products honors the land as a gift from the Creator

We consider the land given to us by the Creator for the use by the Yakama People and a heritage to be held and protected for unborn generations.

We plan for future generations

Our forest plan’s primary goal is maintaining our forest in a healthy condition and sustaining its multiple resources, including cultural resources such as camas and huckleberries, forests and woodlands, water quality, fish, and wildlife. Doing so will ensure our forest will remain a source of spiritual renewal, food and medicinal plants, revenue for the Yakama Nation, and employment for tribal members.

We care for the lands entrusted to us by the Creator so we can:

  • Provide and protect critical habitat for Salmon
  • Create habitat and opportunities for big game
  • Enhance medicines and provide healing stories
  • Build cultural resilience,strong leaders, identity though stewardship, active management, and the shared lessons of multiple generations
  • Reconnect with Mother Earth and traditions
  • Offer a foundational knowledge of natural foods
  • Exemplify giving between the earth and people
  • Improve Yakama spiritual health and tranquility